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Conditions like cancer and osteoporosis can put you at risk of fracturing your vertebrae with no warning. At Integrated Spine and Pain Services in Alexandria, Falls Church, Virginia, and Northern Virginia, Diana Lam, PA-C, and Addison Lindberg, MS, PA-C, perform kyphoplasty, or balloon vertebroplasty, to repair your bone and relieve pain associated with spinal compression fractures. Find out if you’re a candidate for kyphoplasty by calling Integrated Spine and Pain Services or request an appointment online today.

Kyphoplasty Q & A


What is kyphoplasty?

Kyphoplasty is a minimally invasive procedure that treats fractures in your spine.During your kyphoplasty, the team makes a small incision in your back and inserts a hollow needle into your spine near the fracture. They use X-ray imaging to guide the needle into the right position.

The team inserts a small balloon through the needle and expands it to restore the height and shape of your broken vertebrae. They deflate and remove the balloon. The physician then injects a bone-like cement into the newly opened cavity to hold the structure of your compressed vertebrae. 

What does kyphoplasty treat?

Kyphoplasty specifically treats spinal compression fractures. Certain conditions can make your vertebrae weak and prone to compression fractures, and patients with these conditions often have kyphoplasty to improve their pain which is often severe. However, the team at Integrated Spine and Pain Services doesn’t use kyphoplasty as a preventive measure against compression fractures if you’re simply at risk for them. You might eventually need kyphoplasty if you have:


Osteoporosis is a disease that causes your bones to become weak and brittle. Eventually, your bones become fragile enough that they can break with little warning, and spinal fractures are one of the most common complications. 

Bone cancer

If cancer spreads into your bones, it can alter their structure and cause them to weaken. The bones in your spine are more likely to fracture if you have cancer in them. 

What happens after my kyphoplasty?

Kyphoplasty can help reduce your pain and improve your mobility after a spinal compression fracture. Recovery doesn’t take long since it isn’t a surgery, but you should follow the team’s instructions for aftercare closely for the best results.

Immediately following the procedure, you’ll spend some time in the recovery room. You can go home the same day and can start walking soon after your kyphoplasty is finished. 

The team at Integrated Spine and Pain Services lets you know when you can expect to return to your normal routine. They also help you book a follow-up visit to make sure that you’re recovering normally.

If you have a painful spinal fracture that limits your mobility, don’t hesitate to call Integrated Spine and Pain Services or book a consultation online to find out if kyphoplasty is the right treatment for you.