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If you have neck pain, back pain, or another form of chronic pain, interventional pain management physician Diana Lam, PA-C, and Addison Lindberg, MS, PA-C, provide advanced treatments at Integrated Spine and Pain Services in Falls Church, Alexandria, Virginia. They have a clinical research program that may offer novel, up-and-coming treatment options to treat your pain. Schedule an appointment by phone or online to learn more.

Clinical Research Q & A

What is clinical research?

Clinical research studies prevention, screening, diagnosis, quality of life, genetics, and treatments for diseases, illnesses, and chronic pain. 

The team at Integrated Spine and Pain Services offers a research program that makes novel spine and pain treatments available to you before many other patients have access to them. That’s because numerous research trials are required before medications, medical equipment, or treatments are approved for general use.

What are the benefits of clinical research?

You can reap numerous benefits from participating in the clinical research program at Integrated Spine and Pain Services including:

  • Access to the newest treatments
  • Access to up-to-date technology and procedures
  • Better clinical outcomes
  • Reduced pain
  • A better overall quality of life
  • Fewer side effects

Physicians at Integrated Spine and Pain Services have been involved in numerous research trials and have authored multiple textbook chapters related to this research. They offer the most advanced, innovative, evidence-based procedures and treatments for healing and pain relief – sometimes before new treatments are available to other practices.

Which treatments are available?

Some common, evidence-based treatments available at Integrated Spine and Pain Services include:


Steroid, nerve block, hyaluronic acid, and diagnostic injections can alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, or diagnose the source of the pain.

Radiofrequency ablation

Radiofrequency ablation uses radio waves to heat up nerve tissues to reduce the pain signals that travel to your brain.


During kyphoplasty, your provider inserts a needle into your spine, inflates a balloon to realign vertebral shape, and injects cement to repair your injury and strengthen the spine.

Spinal cord stimulators

Spinal cord stimulators are implantable devices that send electrical impulses into the spinal cord to provide pain relief.

Are clinical research trials right for me?

Clinical research treatments can offer you relief if you suffer from hip pain, neck and back pain, sciatica, or other forms of severe or long-lasting pain. Your Integrated Spine and Pain Services team discusses the pros and cons of research trials and lets you know if you’re a good candidate based on your overall health, diagnosis, and how well you’ve responded to past pain treatments.

To find out if a clinical research trial is right for you, schedule an appointment with Integrated Spine and Pain Services by phone or book your visit online today.